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They were traveling from Hawaii and had the worst turbulence of their lives: “a roller coaster.”

Although turbulence is mild most of the time, severe turbulence can put crew members in trouble and make seconds feel like forever to passengers. That’s what happened when an American plane took off from Hawaii. The tremors were so intense that some of his seatmates believed they were in danger..

User @Homodrome He posted a video of his experience on Tiktok and went viral. Specifically, he boarded in Honolulu, although he did not reveal where he was going. Obviously the plane It lost power and started going up and down. “Free roller coaster ride on Southwest (Airlines) last night”, he said in the description of the clip.

In the pictures he shared, the cabin shakes with sudden movements, with some people screaming in the background. A seat mate even came forward to read the emergency evacuation manual.

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Man Films His Flight With Turmoil: “A Roller Coaster”

Ultimately, the plane reached its destination satisfactorily, but Passengers left one of the worst experiences in their memories. The clip has so far amassed 1.4 million views and thousands of comments from people who have experienced something similar.

Many users claimed to be afraid of turbulence, but others admitted that there was nothing to fear. “I save this video to show my doctor when he asks why I need a refill before I fly”; “Turbulence has never brought down a plane. It makes for a fun ride”; “If only I were sitting next to you. I would pay him to stab me so I wouldn’t know about this dream”; “I wonder if pilots can’t help but smile when they hear people screaming because they know everyone is safe,” they wrote.

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, there are several types of turbulence: Soft to strong. It is the latter that can injure a passenger. So, he suggests Its official portal Always follow safety measures to avoid accidents. The most important thing is to wear a seat belt. Additionally, it is important to avoid leaving things unprotected.

Strong turbulence can knock objects

When turbulence is too strong, people may be at risk of injury. Winds are capable of shaking the aircraft very violently, it is important not to have any dangerous objects nearby and to follow crew instructions.

First, the authorities always remember that most of these movements are nothing to be afraid of, so one of the main recommendations is to stay calm and not panic. To achieve this, you can practice diaphragmatic breathing as recommended by the University of Michigan Health Department. That is, inhale through the nose for four seconds and exhale through the mouth for six seconds.


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