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He’s from Puerto Rico, lives in the US, and quit his job as an engineer to earn 0,000 in business.

He’s from Puerto Rico, lives in the US, and quit his job as an engineer to earn $100,000 in business.

A Puerto Rican woman who immigrated to the United States She was tired of her regular job as an engineerSo he decided to resign Her biggest dream: A food blog Traditional online. Not only did this make her happy, but it also led to her achieving financial independence and earning thousands of dollars a year. Now, he’s sharing his secrets so that his followers are encouraged to do the same.

In an interview with the network Unity Last November, Janice Torres said she loved cooking with her mother in Puerto Rico since she was 11 years old. however, Her engineering career took her down a different path. When she realized that this life “wasn’t for her,” she looked for another way to earn an income. That’s how he rekindled his passion for cooking and started working as a personal chef.

She continued her work for a while while sharing her recipes on an online blog Delish d’lights. After six months, he quit his job and went 100% into digital content. “It took about four years to make my first $10,000.. It’s not something that happens overnight”, he recalled in the interview, and continued: “If you have a little understanding of how to do it, you can keep copying and Now I make $100,000 a year. With the blog.

Janice Torres started her own blog of traditional cuisine@yoquierodineropodcast/Instagram

The Puerto Rican now admits it It doesn’t take much time to create content, as he has published enough traditional recipes that people can usually reach through search engines. Besides, Started a podcast on finance There he expresses his entrepreneurial ideas.

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“I realized that no one was talking about it. No one knows how a business workshow investments work, what financial freedom means, especially for women,” she explained to the aforementioned media. “This inspired me to start the podcast because I wanted to create a space where Latinos could talk about money without shame.”

According to him, it is important to keep that in mind Not all companiesSo he suggested the model “Side hustle”. That is, keep another job at a company and start a second job to generate extra money related to your own skills.

“I have a’side hustle’ It is a way for one to protect himself from things that may happen in life. You can’t control it It doesn’t need you if your job makes a decision, but you can make a business decision“, he pointed out.

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A Latino who moved to America is making thousands of dollars with his digital venture

Finally, Latin celebrated the success of his plan. “We can be millionaires, we can be entrepreneurs, we can be investors. It is not just for a particular community. We (Latin) can do it too”, he concluded.

Currently, Janice Torres has over 50,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts entrepreneurial tips. According to a journal article, people can try some side jobs by 2023 Forbes, They are: