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They warn that another 50 US banks may fail |  AlMomento.net

They warn that another 50 US banks may fail | AlMomento.net

Lawrence McDonald, former vice president of Lehman Brothers, which collapsed during the 2008 global financial crisis, said on Wednesday, in the United States, that 50 more banks may file for bankruptcy before the authorities solve structural problems.

The Federal Reserve and the central banks of many countries will increase the flow of dollars into the global financial system.

According to MacDonald, the current banking crisis in the United States is similar to the collapse of Lehman Brothers itself.

The former director predicted that regional banks would lose “hundreds of billions of dollars”, which would be received by large banks, after which they would be invested in treasury bonds.

In addition, McDonald’s judged that Washington would have to impose a freeze on funds on bank deposits that would exceed $250,000 in deposits, as well as increase guarantees on deposits.

Banking turmoil in the US began at the beginning of the month with the bankruptcies of Silvergate Capital Corp and Silicon Valley Bank. Later, Signature Bank went bankrupt, and the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation agreed to sell part of the assets.


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