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They say the influx of 75,000 Cubans is to blame for this Florida city's housing crisis

They say the influx of 75,000 Cubans is to blame for this Florida city's housing crisis

The massive influx of Cubans to Florida in recent years has caused “traffic jams” in many important aspects of the economic and social life of its citizens.

For example, it is estimated that approximately 75,000 island-born immigrants currently reside in the city of Hialeah.

An alarming reality as it brings the affordable housing crisis that affects everyone today. The mayor of the city, Esteban Bove, commented on this.

In fact, this geographic point in Florida is one of the most welcoming places for Cuban immigrants after arriving in the United States.

To give you an idea of ​​the reality of Hylia on this matter, we give you a vivid example. A total of 75,000 Cubans is a large number, compared to the 400,000 immigrants who have come to the United States in recent years.

Hialeah draws attention

“Over the past three years we've seen how the decline of the southern border has manifested itself in big cities like Chicago and New York. The impact of people coming to cities like Hialeah is always understated,” the mayor said.

“There is no documentation from the federal government about the actual numbers, and we believe that 75% of these immigrants settled in South Florida. It would not be an exaggeration to say that half of them are in Hialeah,” Bowo warned.

The mayor also explained at a press conference that the Cuban community, along with other immigrants, has contributed to the affordable housing crisis. “Rental cost growth in Hialeah has been very poor.”

“What we've seen in the city is an outrageous increase in rent, 100% from one day to the next. We have residents who paid $1,000.00 USD, and the next day, their rent was raised to $2,000.00 USD.