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Senate prepares 'test vote' on deal to toughen immigration policy at border

Senate prepares 'test vote' on deal to toughen immigration policy at border

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Thursday announced a 'test vote' on the national security bill, which includes a bipartisan deal on border immigration policy restrictions and a relief package. Helps Ukraine and Israel.

This comes after Republicans have long demanded that President Joe Biden's administration agree to help Ukraine subject to a significant tightening of immigration policy and border security, according to reports from people familiar with the matter. agree..

“The southern border urgently needs, urgently needs a fix,” Schumer said. “Ukraine's survival is at stake… “We can only rise to the occasion if both sides are serious about reaching a compromise… We are not done negotiating, so we will continue to work towards that.”

“Survival of Ukraine” is at stake…

and the crisis at the border

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell echoed Schumer: “We did something, including a border agreement, but we need to get help to Israel and Ukraine quickly.”

While there is broad bipartisan support for supporting Ukraine, there is strong opposition in the House of Commons to freely channeling this aid without first approving restrictions on immigration policy.

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green has threatened to file a motion to impeach Johnson if he allows the Ukraine funding vote.

Trump doesn't want a deal on the immigration crisis

Only Hispanics Pursue 'American Dream': Thousands of Chinese Cross Border Irregularly

Trump called the deal “terrible” and said, “If it's not going to be a great plan and really solve the problem, I'm not going to do it.” Johnson, who has consulted with Trump on border policy, told his Republican colleagues in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday that the arrangement was “not going to win.”

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As Trump's opposition and critics of his campaign interests head into the election, Republican leaders have questioned whether to remove the border legislation from the package as a last-ditch effort to allow Congress to continue funding for Ukraine.

Transition for asylum seekers

Republican Chief Negotiator Sen. James Lankford said he was meeting with Republicans To clarify about the “misinformation” being spread about the project.

Now independent Arizona Sen. Kirsten Sinema, another key negotiator, said the rumors about what “(the plan) does and doesn't do are false.”

In an aerial view, thousands of migrants, many wearing thermal blankets, wait for processing at a U.S. Border Patrol transit center in Eagle Pass, Texas, Dec. 19. Huge waves of illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande have overwhelmed US border officials.

debt: John Moore/Getty Images

Cinema said Johnson's team was familiar with the details of the bill, and one of the proposed changes, the AP reported. Asylum seekers at ports of entry are placed under the “Removal Authority Program.”, wherein your case will be decided within six months. And asylum seekers between ports of entry If you fail the initial interview, be detained and return within 10 to 15 days Known as reliable fear tests.

“It ensures that the government has the power to close the border when our system is overwhelmed and creates new structures to ensure that people who do not qualify for asylum cannot enter the country and stay here,” he said. “It's a very solid package.”

Republican Senator Mike Rounds noted that The false information circulating on the Internet is linked to a Russian disinformation campaign to derail economic aid to Ukraine.

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