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They say on Virgin Galactic that Elon Musk bought a ticket to travel to space on one of their ships

They say on Virgin Galactic that Elon Musk bought a ticket to travel to space on one of their ships


July 12, 2021 15:26 GMT

This was confirmed to the Wall Street Journal by a company representative. Virgin Galactic also says that several hundred millionaires have already booked tickets to space at a cost of $250,000.

It is no secret that the race for space tourism has already begun and is being fought by some of the richest individuals on the planet.

On July 11, British billionaire Richard Branson made history by successfully completing a Flight into space aboard the SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity spacecraft on the maiden flight with passengers from its Virgin Galactic space tourism company. This hardly happened nine days ago Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is taking a trip to space aboard the New Shepard, built by his company, Blue Origin. For his part, Elon Musk, the third rival business mogul on this list, plans to travel to space, but not in his SpaceX spacecraft, but in one of the Virgin Galactic.

according to Reports The Wall Street Journal, a spokesperson for the latter company, said that Musk had bought a ticket to go on a space flight with them.

In addition, Virgin Galactic claims that several hundred other wealthy people have already booked. Space tickets cost $250,000.

The main objective of Branson’s latest trip was to evaluate and improve the various experiences Virgin Galactic promised future customers, such as weightlessness, ground views and cabin comfort. The company hopes to conduct two more test flights before launching its commercial flights in 2022.

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In the lead up to the launch of Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin claimed That the flight of his opponent cannot be considered space, because The ship does not reach an altitude of 100 km Thus it does not cross the Karmann line, which is the division between the atmosphere and outer space. However, this standard is still debated among the scientific community.