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They robbed another Catholic church in Havana

thieves Looting This Saturday in Saint Charbel Church and Santo Tomás de Villaneuva, located in the Miramar neighborhood, Playa municipality, according to reports on social networks.

The thieves who entered through the window left the temple No speakers, lights or fans And as if that weren’t enough, they also took the Easter candle,” he said on his wall Facebook Adrian Martinez Cadiza news reporter for the Catholic Agency and EWTN.

Facebook capture / Adrián Martínez Cádiz

Referring to the facts, Martinez said the robbers used a ladder to climb up to the lighting and Remove the bulbs without cutting wire.

Facebook / Adrian Martínez Cadiz

At the scene, the criminals left several tools they used to force the doors, personal items such as masks, fingerprints, and evidence that was taken by the police.

Facebook / Adrian Martínez Cadiz

“this temple Located in the center of 5th Street corner 17 in Playa Municipality, a Highly guarded area With multiple government rooms. But this was not scary to the robbers.

His publication was accompanied by pictures of the church from the inside, without bulbs and lamps, and pictures from the outside with surveillance cameras.

The young man concluded that “the hopes among the parishioners are not very high because they classify the police work as ineffective and highlight the collapse of the authorities due to the growing wave of thefts and crimes taking place in the country.”

The incident comes amid reports on social networks of various burglaries and vandalism in Cuban churches, which happen frequently.

Too bad this site was Recently restored And he recovered from oblivion with tremendous effort. “This should not go unpunished, those who work there are outraged by such an act of vandalism that should not go unpunished as it would set a dangerous precedent,” said a netizen who is a member of the church community.

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One commenter thought he came to see a candle for sale on social media.

Recently, A.J A man tried to enter To Priestley’s home “San Juan María Viani” located in Vedado, Havana which is a residence of the Catholic Church.

The individual was surprised by the guardianship of the dwelling as he was trying to enter the place, and fortunately he was unable to carry out his attempt to steal and left the place.

Another catholic temple In Havana it was vandalized at the beginning of April.

It is the Church of Jesús Obrero, located in Vedado, in the municipality of Plaza de la Revolución, where the criminals broke a door to gain access to the building and stirred some things, although they did not take anything and broke some cables to which they connected a projector and a laptop.

A month ago, Cuban Catholic priest Lester Rafael Zayas Diaz denounced this to some Thieves stole the money Pig banks of the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana.