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They reveal what Alicia Machado said to her daughter after she made Roberto Romano look ugly

They reveal what Alicia Machado said to her daughter after she made Roberto Romano look ugly

Alicia Machado She won the “Celebrity House” award and the former Miss Universe received $200,000 After winning, he received 40586129 votesIn the midst of this hilarity, though, an unexpected incident starred her daughter Dinora Valentina, who caught the eye.

Namely, the young woman began to greet her mother’s friends, Like Cristina Eustace and Manelik Gonzalez, but the teenager who was getting acquainted with the participants of the Telemundo reality show appears one by one, He made a tremendous rudeness to Roberto Romano to skip it and completely ignore it.

ignore him! Alicia Machado’s daughter does a huge rudeness to Roberto Romano in front of everyone

They all realize that Romano was in the middle of Uriel del Toro and Anahí Izali, but despite this, Valentina greeted Uriel with a kiss and a hug and jumped up to Roberto to hug Anahi.

After this uncomfortable moment, Alicia realized what had happened and asked her daughter to say hello, but she refused, leaving the Venezuelan dumbfounded and with a face that says it all.

However, there was something else that attracted attention, as many netizens were able to hear it “Mamita and Roberto…why?” La Machado said to her daughter Live. , which unleashed confusion.

All the details! La Machado’s mother reveals if her granddaughter approves of Roberto Romano

And we remember that when the former Miss Universe was in the palace, Romano visited the Venezuelan’s mother, who told the actor so Dinora looked at him positively, even revealing to the soap opera star, “I’m telling you… he loves her. When he saw you he said, ‘Grandma, how beautiful that is!”, words seem forgotten, so what happened?

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