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Debbie Aflalo, representante de Azua, será la nueva candidata de RD para Miss Universo

Azua actress Debbie Afellalo will be the new RD nominee for Miss Universe

Santo Domingo, RD.

Last minute change! Miss Universe RD organizers have reported that the new representative of the Dominican Republic is in the Miss Universe It will be Debbie Aflalo, actress Azua.

The authority explained, through its account on Instagram, that Andrina Martinez Fournier was chosen for the winner on November 7, “unfortunately”. She tested positive for Covid-19, Therefore, you will not be able to participate in this version of the beauty contest.

She started the quarantine right and her main focus is recovery.He reads the post.

Miss Universe RD indicated that she made the decision in light of the closeness of the competition and the quarantine that Andreina is currently maintaining.

The post continues, “We are counting on your support and best feedback so Andreina recovers as quickly as possible.”

Azuana’s representative was the first finalist in the competition, imposed on La Vega, the second finalist; Samana III and Lumana IV.

“The important thing is that our country is well represented and has international participation.”Entity closed.

The new Miss RD will travel to Eliat, Israel to participate in the competition that includes representatives from 80 countries.

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