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They published a new decree on the transit of Cubans in Panama

They published a new decree on the transit of Cubans in Panama

The Panamanian government has published a new standard informing about the transit visa for Cuban citizens.

Executive Decree 104, dated June 28, 2023, seeks “for the state to continue to attend to the situation of Cubans who need to transit through Panama to Cuba, or to other countries.”

Also, for those permanent residents, have a visa stamped in their passport from “countries with high standards recognized by Panama, holders of visas to the country of final destination, and even those who maintain proven working conditions in the country of destination.”

In this way, the validity of Executive Decree No. 162 of December 19, 2022, which stipulates the visa for passengers or crew in transit as a requirement for Cuban citizens traveling en route, has been extended until December 31, 2023. Transiting the Republic of Panama.

saying decreewhich was amended later in March 2023, removes the transit visa requirement for Cubans who:

  • They travel to Cuba.
  • You hold a valid tourist or residency visa from Panama.
  • have a current residence or previously used multiple visa in the territory of the donor country, valid for less than six months at the time of transit, duly granted by Canada, the United States, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Singapore and any of the countries that make up the European Union .
  • Have permanent residence in third countries and return to it.
  • Have a valid entry visa from the country of final destination.
  • Evidence that they have an employment contract in the country of destination, which contains the registration seals of the competent authority in that country, and duly attested or attested as applicable.
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in the same vein, Article 3 From the said decree was as follows:

The visa must be requested in person by the interested party before the Panamanian Consulate of the country in which he is present or through a legal representative at the headquarters of the National Immigration Service. It must be requested at least thirty working days prior to the date of travel.