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According to scientists, it could become a reality

According to scientists, it could become a reality

If the affected ocean current were suddenly cut off, both sides of the Atlantic would freeze.

A scientist published an article in which he confirmed that the oceanic system began to weaken as a result of climate change. It’s about extension South Atlantic Inverted Course (AMOC) Which helps to regulate temperatures and climate in Europe and North America. The consequences, according to the specialist, could be devastating and similar to the scenario presented in the movie the day after tomorrow.

The AMOC creates the Gulf Stream, which carries warm water from the Indian Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, and then to the European mainland, where it cools around Greenland, sinking to the ocean floor before creeping off the eastern coast. from South America.

This systemconveyor belt style, It is so vital to life in this part of the world. Now the world Niklas Bowers Publish an article in the magazine nature where Ensures that AMOC can shutdown abruptly. If that happens, both sides of the North Atlantic could plunge into freezing temperatures.

In his article, the specialist wrote: “Recent observations of AMOC fluctuations indicate a gradual weakening over the past decades, but estimates of the critical transition point remain uncertain.” He then added: “Significant early warning signals were found in eight independent AMOC indicators, based on monitoring data of sea surface temperature and salinity from the entire Atlantic basin. These results reveal experimental evidence that, over the past century, AMOC may have evolved from relatively stable conditions to a point close to a critical transition.“.

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As Bowers explains, as the ice cap of green land continues to melt due to higher temperatures, More fresh water is disposed of at that switch point in the AMOC system. This prevents the warm salt water from sinking and causing a twist in the system. Interestingly, the last time the AMOC was turned off was when a freshwater lake exploded and spilled into the ocean. This is believed to have caused the most recent ice age on Earth, which occurred about 11,700 years ago.

This scenario is the same as in the movie the day after tomorrow The climate scientist is trying to warn politicians that climate change is affecting the AMOC system and that everyone could die unless they move to the south of the planet.

Of course, in the movie no one listens to specialists, and in fact, North America and Europe are drowning in a frozen wasteland. In his article, Niklas Bowers asserts that this will eventually happen if the AMOC goes through a crucial transition, although we may be decades away.

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