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Jefe del Comando Sur de EE.UU. dice China busca puertos de aguas profundas en RD

US Southern Command chief says China seeks deep-water ports in DR

The commander of the US Southern Command, Admiral Craig Faller, accused China of searching for deep-water ports in the Dominican Republic, as well as in other Latin American countries, at the expense of the environment.

China searches for deepwater ports in Jamaica, Dominican RepublicEl Salvador, Argentina and elsewhere…these ports are designed to help feed China’s appetite for food and resources, which is causing real damage to the region’s ecology,” Faller said.

Likewise, confirm it This practice contributes to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.a, illegal mining, logging and poaching.

In addition, he explained that one of the reasons that prompted China to establish relations in this region was precisely because of the easy access this region had to water and sea ports, as well as investments in education, space, cybernetics and security.

The admiral made these statements during an interview with the American media Politico, in which he also mentioned this The Chinese authorities are using their economic and technological influence In Latin American countries to achieve this, taking Venezuela as an example.

“It is no coincidence that Chinese companies offer gifts and bribes to lubricate the wheels while dealing with the Maduro regime, which, like yours, systematically violates human rights,” he said.


This is not the first time that Vaaler has referred to the Asian giant in an interview, because he stressed during his visit to LISTÍN DIARIO that China is not a democracy and does not respect human rights.

I testified before the US Congress recently China is not a democracyIt does not respect human rights, it does not follow the rule of law and when they have this technology there is no separation between something civilian or military, so we have to discuss with open eyes to see what those effects will be,” he said.

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In response to the Admiral, the Chinese Embassy in the Dominican Republic issued Declaration He emphasized that racial discrimination and violent law enforcement prevailed in the United States and that it was up to them to reflect on their problems with democracy, human rights, and justice.