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They offer a new format for driver’s licenses – Metro Puerto Rico

They offer a new format for driver’s licenses – Metro Puerto Rico

The Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP), Engineer Elaine Velez VegaThis was announced on Tuesday, with the aim of reducing the backlog for citizens to undergo the required procedures Driving license For identification purposes, the format has been changed The jurisdiction of Puerto Rico, the United States, and the United States territory is clearly identified.

“As is common knowledge, many Puerto Ricans have faced severe backlash by law enforcement officials and private companies. This initiative aims to reduce the existing confusion and emphasize that Puerto Rico is part of the United States,” the DTOP secretary pointed out in written statements.

For his part, Secretary of State Omar Marrero pointed out: “From the Department we are working hard and working in coordination with all the institutions of the Government of Puerto Rico and the agencies of the Federal Government. All Puerto Rican American citizens are in a position to comply with all current national regulations that want to guarantee our safety. Without any setback, This initiative is one of many initiatives to ensure a visit to any state.

For this, Alexis Torres Rios of the Department of Public Safety (DSP) consulted with the Department of Homeland Security, to which they responded in the affirmative, indicating that other states and territories have already done so by integrating Real ID. US on driver’s licenses. Unlike Puerto Rico, it has not integrated this new identity since it began processing it.

Meanwhile, Torres Ríos said: “In the new design, citizens should not have problems when presenting their real identity for identification purposes as a US citizen and when going through any procedure that requires them to present their license. “I appreciate the Department of Homeland Security’s prompt response so that the Real ID issued in Puerto Rico meets all federal requirements.”

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The DSP secretary recalled, “After the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, Real ID was part of federal regulations that required people to provide identification with an enhanced security system to pass through checkpoints. Security at airports or to travel to certain federal facilities such as military bases. “

This new format will be for new printed licenses and all virtual licenses accessing the CESCO digital application. It does not require additional documents for the license renewal process or duplicates.