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They offer a master's degree in natural science education

They offer a master’s degree in natural science education

Uruguay Nature

The launch will begin, on Tuesday, April 26th. This new educational option encourages the updating, deepening and production of knowledge, to ensure quality learning in teaching in the natural sciences.

Likewise, it will focus on scientific and technological literacy of people, and enable the adoption and development of a scientific culture.

This cooperation project with the UNESCO Latin American Chair in Science Education and with UNESCO Montevideo will allow the implementation, together with this university, of a master’s degree that allows integration into the pool of professors those with a high academic level from CFE, regional universities and European companies that make up the network.

In this sense, there will be teachers and national educators from the district of the University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Cordoba, UBA, Argentina, Alcala de Henares University, and the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain.

Graduates of the Master’s degree will be able to serve as educational science trainers at CFE and encourage and participate in the production of knowledge that directly impacts learning in science.

This master’s degree will have a huge impact, because graduates as teachers will change the reality of the natural science educational spaces developed in primary and secondary education, ANEP reports.

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