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Encuentro de las Ciencias - IES Bezmiliana

14th edition of the scientific meeting of IES Bezmiliana in Rincon de la Victoria – Society – News from Rincon de la Victoria, Málaga

This year, Rincón de la Victoria will celebrate the 14th edition of the Bezmiliana Science Meeting organized by the IES Bezmiliana Science Club, with a street science fair kicking off on April 28-29.

More than 2,000 visitors, 430 students, and 49 teachers from educational centers will participate in this year’s event.

The program of activities, which contains very diverse activities such as workshops, talks, exhibitions or a science fiction story competition, a book fair and a chess tournament, begins today, Monday, April 25 and will continue until the 28th. Programming and monitoring Activities can be carried out through www.clubcientificobezmiliana.org.

The event is part of the Andalusian Network of Science and Innovation Fairs.

The Director of IES Bezmiliana, Manuel Espinosa, thanked, “He appreciated the work and participation of the 10 educational departments. A publication that stands out this year for its organizational efforts.”

Pizmiliana Science Club representative, Ana Maria Martinez, noted, “It was a relief for all of us to celebrate the science fair on the street where students are heroes. We have worked with so much love, effort and dedication, with the support of the Education Counsellor and the City Council at all times.”

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