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Prosegur launches physical and emotional well-being program for its 150,000 employees – RRHH Press

Drafting. Prosegora multinational private security services company, launched Pro360a comprehensive global health program targeting nearly 150,000 company workers located in 26 countries.

John Lewis MartinGlobal Director of Human Resources at Prosegur, points out “Employees are the primary focus of Prosegur, which is why we make our contribution to their well-being and quality of life a priority”.

Events like the one we’ve seen in recent years, especially the coronavirus pandemic, have demonstrated, if possible, the need to support people’s care from a 360-degree perspective and its continuity over time. The goal is to reinvent our daily routine, and this is just the beginning.”Martin adds.

A global and holistic perspective on luxury

Pro360 focuses on four main pillars: Physically well – goodAnd feedAnd health s Emotional and social well-being. The goal is to stimulate and encourage the participation of its employees and to promote habits that favor a healthier and more balanced life:

in matters Physically well – goodVarious activities will be held. In May, for example, the first Prosegur Digital Race will take place, which will take place simultaneously in the various countries in which the company operates.


As a result of this initiative, the Pro360 Running Club will be launched, with a dynamic ranking for all employees who practice the sport. Similarly, local tournaments for different sports are planned, depending on each country and region.

in the field of feedemployees will have access to monthly nutritional advice, and they will have live events with a dietitian in the form of a question and answer.

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A cooking competition will also be organized and a Pro360 recipe book will be created, which will include dishes suggested by the winners.

In the section on healthProsegur will publish informational pills on various topics, such as postural hygiene, sleep, psychosocial aspects and road safety, among others, as well as promoting challenges that encourage the integration of healthy habits into the daily lives of its workers.

Finally, in Emotional and social well-beingVarious proposals from the Prosegur Foundation, with which the company works closely, will be announced, including cultural and volunteer activities.

In addition, global and local initiatives with regard to diversity and equality will be highlighted, such as women’s empowerment, through which female talent is promoted, and various actions focused on respecting and caring for the environment.