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They offer $ 9.2 billion to Volkswagen to buy a Lamborghini

They offer $ 9.2 billion to Volkswagen to buy a Lamborghini

Germany /

The Swiss company Quantum Group AG has made a bid for Volkswagen By the sheer number of 7.5 billion euros ($ 9.2 billion) to acquire the brand LamborghiniAnd that is according to specialized media reports Fitness Trainer.

According to reports, the interested company would have been providing labor guarantees to the employees who are today a part of them Lamborghini For a period of up to five years, in addition to Creating 850 new job opportunities, Although there is a significant barrier to being able to define a presumed interest.

Volkswagen does not want to sell a Lamborghini

Volkswagen He confirmed that there is agreement in the group on that Lamborghini, Which has been repeatedly named as a potential filter, will still be part of the conglomerate.

Consulted in a report Fitness Trainer, Audi spokesman, Volkswagen Who is responsible for Lamborghini, He said “This is not the subject of any discussion within the group. No, Lamborghini is not for sale.”.

Sources told Reuters in October that Volkswagen has plans to categorize Lamborghini into a more independent company Within its portfolio of automotive brands and facilitating a Potential Initial Public Offering (IPO) at a later stage.

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