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A global group warns of possible text message scams

A global group warns of possible text message scams

Ante denuncias de algunos clientes de que han recibido mensajes de texto con advertencias de la cancelación de sus pólizas de seguros, Universal Group Inc. está alertando a la ciudadanía de que podría tratarse de un fraude por lo que no deben contestar los mismos ni compartir su Personal information.

We warn the public and all of our customers not to respond to this type of message. For any questions regarding your policy, you can access the site www.universalpr.com Or call (787) 793-7202 or (787) 641-7171 and we will gladly assist you, ”explaining in writing, President and CEO, Lcda. Josley Vega.

Vega explained that the company, which is made up of Universal Insurance, Universal Life, Universal Finance and Point Guard, is not currently sending out text messages to cancel the policies. He said, “If you receive a message stating that the policy can be canceled, this is not our message and you should not come to it or access any link (link).”

As a mentor to clients, Vega shared some recommendations about official Universal Group connections and how to identify them:

1. Our links always http://univ.pr/xxxxxx (X stands for a group of numbers and letters) Example: https://univ.pr/4ynAV1O. If not for this address, it is not our address.

2. All our phones are from Puerto Rico, not the US and they all start with 787 (not 939).

3. Point Guard phone numbers are 787-906-xxxx and Universal Insurance 787-333-xxxx. In our company there are no numbers with 800′s or anything else. Anyone else you see is not ours.

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4. We only send new business letters, payments, claims, and coupons. Text cancellation messages are not currently sent. Any messages not related to the above messages are not from us.