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They look at the famous couturier Arcadio Díaz in Santiago

They look at the famous couturier Arcadio Díaz in Santiago

In the church of the Flandino Funeral Home in Santiago, there are the famous ruins Costume designer Arcadio Abraham Dias DominguezWho died at the age of 70.

He suffered a heart attack last Saturday, April 23 morning at Los Amerias Airport Medical Hospital. He traveled from Venezuela to Miami and died at the airport in his native country (Dominican Republic).

Arcadio sought treatment for his disease chronic lymphoid leukemia which he was diagnosed with many years ago. For that he traveled with his eldest son Abraham, who spoke to the media and provided details of the event.

He explained that this Monday his father was going to do some medical tests in Miami and then look into the possibility of bone marrow transplant surgery.

“My father had a chronic leukemia a year ago, he was treated, he recovered in December, but he already had a bad prognosis for a month, he had lymphoma. They are going to do a test to see if he can. We have to have a kidney transplant. We were going to Miami, and when we got here (RD), he started to feel bad and went on strike. “

In Miami, Jenny Mondoro, his ex-wife, lived with him for about 35 years and he had three children: Abraham, Jenny and Barbara, who were waiting to go with him on the treats he would receive. Speaking between tears and tears, the woman said, “Arcadio is a great man, the best father in the world. He is a chain built day by day with great effort, hard work and dedication.”

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Montoro added, “It’s not surprising that he has already had this disease since 2000, when he was diagnosed with chronic lymphoid leukemia. ”

Colleagues from the fashion world attended the awareness and defined it as a moment of great national and international tragedy.

Lionel LeRio, a costume designer, said: “Exodus Arcadio Diaz It was a very sad moment, he was of national and international importance not only to the national fashion world but to the whole country, we were best friends, he finished his outfits perfectly and, above all, he was a great inventor. His humanity and simplicity will set him apart forever. ”

Socrates McKinney revealed: “It is a shock to say that the teacher is one of the masterpieces of civilization, it always hurts, his tradition will continue and the teachers know how to teach, they will create this brand. Arcadio Diaz He lives for many years, he is the king of Guaparos, the king of the chakapanas, but his greatest legacy is to share his work with humility and the gift of the people.

Isabel Rhinoso, President of the Dominican Republic Fashion Institute, is a great designer, a great creator who lives in all the stores in her heritage world, with her humility and friendliness, we come with her colleagues. Show solidarity with his relatives “.

Arcadio’s colleague Andres Lora described him as “wonderful, perfect and always committed to doing what he can, a fighter, a simple man and an honest man.”

King of Guaparas (Sakapanas)

The design and innovation he provided for the famous costume known as the guerrilla, which appeared in Cuba, gave Arcadio the reputation of being the “king of the guerrillas” by enriching new colors and designs for the Saxon. She was responsible for transforming this dress, traditionally worn only by men, into modern styles suitable for women’s use.

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Native to Santiago

Arcadio Diaz He was born in Gurabo, north of this city, but because he trained in his fashion area, he moved to New York City in 1980 due to job opportunities, and then he moved to another business in Venezuela. The time he met his ex-wife Jenny Mondoro in her life.

Arcadio Diaz He will be buried this Monday at 11:00 am in the Fuente de Luz Private Cemetery, located 2 1/2 km from Avenida Circunvalación Norte in Santiago.

He is an O&M graduate journalist who has been practicing journalism in Santiago since 2005. He wants to serve the best interests of the community from his profession.