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He ran over the 2-meter crocodile and drove non-stop until he reported a malfunction

He ran over the 2-meter crocodile and drove non-stop until he reported a malfunction

A tourist in Florida drove his car with a crocodile more than two meters long, which was embedded in the underside of the vehicle, but he drove as far as he could before being warned of a “crash” for fear he was still alive. “.”, Was reported in a Miami newspaper this Sunday.

The events took place on April 17 on the highway from coast to coast in South Florida and via Everglades, a large wetland full of crocodiles and mountain snakes, among other animals, but they are now revealed by the crane driver. According to the El Niவோo Herald newspaper, it served tourists.

Joshua Schroeder was not told what was wrong with the vehicle that was to be towed at midnight, and he only discovered it when he arrived at the scene and saw the car and a frightened tourist. Lives in New York.

“When I got to the scene, when I looked out the rear window of the truck, I realized I could not see one of the car’s wheels,” the United States Transport Dowing & Recovery driver’s truck driver told the Miami newspaper.

When he got out of the truck, he saw a seven-foot (2.1 m) crocodile stuck in the wheel. “Because it was so embedded, I had to pull the vehicle with the crocodile trapped underneath,” he said.

By then the reptile is thought to be no longer alive.

“The man was scared, but who wouldn’t be in a situation like that? If you ran into a crocodile, the first thing you think of is you’re alive, you’re mad at yourself,” Schrder said.

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“My first reaction,” I thought, was that he might still be alive, so I took my precautionary measures. When it’s dark, the last thing you want to do is look at a crocodile under your car. “

Schrder took the alligator-covered vehicle to a car dealer in Naples (west coast of Florida), but it was not accepted because the animal’s body was still there.

They did not accept the vehicle at a body shop and eventually had to tear the crocodile to pieces to remove one of the front and wheels at the towing company.