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The Ortega regime occupies the OAS office in Nicaragua

The Ortega regime occupies the OAS office in Nicaragua

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo announced this Sunday, April 24, the closure of the Organization of American States (OAS) office in Nicaragua. The dictatorship resigned on November 19th.

In a statement, the OAS headquarters reacted to the regime’s announcement and noted that offices in Managua were being “illegally occupied”. “This is a violation of the most basic international rules.”

At a humiliating press conference against the OAS, Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denise Moncada Collindres announced that Nicaragua would abandon all OAS mechanisms and withdraw the credentials of all its representatives before the regional body.

“This infamous organization, as a result, has no offices in our country. Its local headquarters are closed,” the foreign minister said.

According to the OAS website, The agency’s office is located in “Ciaridas de Santo Domingo” on the outskirts of Managua. “Currently, no representatives have been appointed to the General Secretariat in Nicaragua,” the agency said.

Minutes after the foreign minister’s announcement, national police seized OAS offices, while its logos were removed, Efe News reported.

The regime announced its withdrawal from the regional organization due to the OAS ‘”consistent intervention approach”. However, the withdrawal is official and will be in effect until November 2023 because the process will take two years. During that period, the government must fulfill all its political and financial obligations to the organization.

“We are relieved of the constant humiliation of Yankee State Department employees, who are there (OAS) being enslaved, degraded, surrendered, weakened and weakened by sluggish companies and enslaved to Yankee,” he read. Chancellor.

The OAS General Secretariat has reminded that Nicaragua’s expulsion will take effect by the end of 2023. Until then, Nicaragua is a full member of the organization and must comply with all its obligations. Section 33 of the OAS Charter guarantees the immunity of its activities in the Member States.

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“Your offices, files and documents enjoy the most complete seamlessness. The violation of the Nicaraguan authorities makes them internationally responsible for its consequences,” the General Secretariat said.

No representatives

“In the face of this catastrophic, brutal and false bias of the state sector of Yankee imperialism, we affirm our irrevocable condemnation and resignation. Call and call them the Summit of the United States, “the Nicaraguan ambassador explained.

“We are withdrawing – he continued – our representatives, comrades Orlando Tordensilla, Evan Laura and Michael Campbell. We will not be in any of those horrific events. ”

Tordensilla and Laura were appointed at the end of last March, As ambassador and alternative agent for OAS, respectively. MWhen Campbell practiced cAs an alternative permanent representative From October 2021.

Ortega and Murillo moved their chips to OAS last March, after a former Nicaraguan ambassador to the organization, Arturo McFields Yescas, rebelled against the regime In an unprecedented event, during a session of the organization’s permanent council, he described the government as a “dictatorship.”

“Collective Evaluation”

From the General Assembly of the Foreign Ministers of the OAS on November 12 By 2021, Nicaragua will be immersed in the so-called “collective assessment” of its socio-political crisis, established in Article 20 of the Charter of Democracy between the United States.

As part of this process, OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro arranged for a high-level delegation from the regional body to the Nicaraguan government to negotiate new elections with transparency and credible oversight. However, The regime did not provide a formal response At the request of the Embassy of Uruguay.

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Collective praise is In accordance with the resolution “The situation in Nicaragua”In addition, the OAS announced – 25 votes in favor, one against, seven abstentions and one abstention – last November 7 Nicaragua elections “They are not free, fair or transparent. They have no democratic legitimacy.”

In this election, Ortega was re-elected for a third consecutive term — the second time his wife, Murillo, was vice president; In this case, however, the Sandinista leader presented himself without political competition, after imprisoning the main opposition candidates and without democratic guarantees.

“Nicaragua is not anyone’s colony, so it’s not part of the Ministry of Colonies.