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They have robbed the College of Agricultural Sciences again

They have robbed the College of Agricultural Sciences again

Thursday, May 23, 2024


Yesterday morning, a new robbery occurred at the headquarters of the National University of Catamarca.

According to official information, after 10 a.m., architect Lucio Molas (52 years old), an employee at the College of Agricultural Sciences, appeared before the guards of the fourth police station and reported that he had committed an illegal act. He explained that last Saturday, around six in the evening, an unknown person entered the college facilities and stole a black reflector.

The police then asked the complainant to go to Judicial Unit No. 4 where he reported the crime.
On the other hand, Cecilia Carrizo informed Judicial Staff No. 7 that she had been subjected to the theft of her property in the form of kidnapping.

Carrizo recalls that he was riding a motorcycle along Copas Street when another 110 cc motorcycle, blue in color, approached him before reaching the intersection with Jamaica Street, and its occupants stole it from the Matero group.

He then said that inside he had a Stanley thermos, a wallet containing 8,000 pesos and a purple S22 cell phone.
After seizing the stolen items, the Motochoros left.

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