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When and how will the next solar storms affect Mexico?

When and how will the next solar storms affect Mexico?

Solar storms

Recent impacts on Earth have surprised many by generating the northern lights in unusual places, including… Mexico. A further increase in this unusual activity is expected 2025.

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Where are there more impacts from solar storms in Mexico?

according to
University of Guadalajara,

Due to increased solar activity, geomagnetic storms and northern lights are likely to intensify in 2025.

In this regard, Dr. Alberto Santiago Hernandez, a researcher in the Department of Physics at the University of…
University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering (CUCEI)

From Audige, He warned that these events could cause Disturbances in satellite and communicationsGlobal positioning systems, air navigation, and to a lesser extent in generating and Electrical power distribution.

The expert also pointed out that in last May’s storm it was not there Damage has been reported in Mexico. However, he highlighted that “it would certainly have been possible to record some kind of failure of GPS signals at higher latitudes.”

It should be noted that
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

He also noted that this phenomenon has received a lot of attention, since it is a process that does not occur very often In these magnetic latitudes.

So, Points with higher latitudes They are the ones most likely to receive the strongest impacts of geomagnetic storms. This is where failures can occur in the future, especially considering this 2025 forecast.

From which
Space weather service

UNAM usually reports on and learns about various phenomena Geomagnetic latitudes with effects.

According to UdeG’s research, the increase in solar activity indicates this These events are likely to happen again next year in 2025.

These storms occur when the sun is radiant Coronal mass ejectionRadiation waves and solar winds travel through space at speeds of up to a thousand kilometers per second, and when they collide with the Earth, they interact with its magnetic field.

“Although solar events cannot yet be predicted, the number of sunspots gives a probability. When there are a greater number of sites, the probability of an event similar to the one that occurred on May 10 is greater,” Hernandez stressed.

The specialist explained that Solar activity records a rebound every 11 yearss. While Dr. Alejandro Márquez Lugo, astrophysicist and researcher in the Department of Physics at CUCEI, added that the storms do not represent… Direct harm to people’s health.

“Living organisms are safe because we have double protection: on the one hand, the magnetic field and then the atmosphere, so we are not in danger. The danger we face is in the field of technology, where everything related to electricity and magnetism is affected.”

The northern lights occur as part of solar storms

In conclusion, the analyzes published on the Ciencia UNAM portal stated that “since 2019, the 25th solar cycle has begun and we are in its ascending phase. It is estimated that this cycle will reach its maximum in the first half of 2025.“.

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