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They discover a hidden layer in the heart of the Earth

They discover a hidden layer in the heart of the Earth

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researchers from ANU (Australian National University) Confirmed by tracing thousands of numerical models the existence of a file “deeper core” in the depths of the earth. Lead author of the study, researcher joan stevenson, He says that while this new layer is difficult to notice, its distinct characteristics may indicate an exciting and unknown event in the history of Earth.

“We found evidence that may indicate a change in iron’s structure, indicating perhaps two separate cooling events in Earth’s history,” Stevenson said in a statement.

“The details of this great event are still a bit murky, but we have added another piece of the puzzle when it comes to our knowledgeعرف Earth’s inner core“.

Investigating the structure of the inner core can help us understand more about Earth’s history and evolution, Stevenson says.

“We have traditionally been taught that the Earth has four main layers: the crust, the mantle, The outer core and the inner core. The idea of ​​a different layer was proposed two decades ago, but the data wasn’t very clear.

“We solved this problem by using a very smart search algorithm to crawl thousands of models from the inner core. It’s very exciting, and it could mean we have to rewrite the textbooks!

The search was published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth.

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