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They denounce the killing of a young Cuban in Las Tunas

They denounce the killing of a young Cuban in Las Tunas

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Friday, October 27, 2023

A young Cuban man was murdered in the eastern province of Las Tunas and his family is demanding justice.

In statements to independent media Cubans all over the worldThose close to Luis Angel Cabrales Aguilera said that his alleged attacker was Yoan Veloz Rodriguez Escobar.

A member of the Cabrales family, who resides in the municipality of Las Tunas, told the aforementioned media that justice had not been served.

Cabrales Aguilera, 29, “was murdered on October 15 at 2:40 a.m., and the alleged killer has not yet been brought to justice. They stated that Cabrales-Aguilera left behind three young girls when he died.

He points out that “despite the accusations, Rodriguez Escobar was not arrested or imprisoned, because according to the source in the complaint, the family of the alleged killer, by virtue of their economic power, influences the authorities to prevent the arrest of their son.” Off the note.

The source further revealed that “they are trying to present Rodriguez Escobar as a person suffering from mental problems; Although he could not clarify whether they were paying a doctor – a psychiatrist – to confirm that the perpetrator was insane, or if they were directly influencing the police.

“The complainant said that she did not know the origin of the economic power of the Rodríguez Escobar family, but the influence they seem to exercise is notable because since the events occurred, the alleged perpetrator has been hospitalized,” he noted.

My relative said: “I just want justice. Nothing will bring back the life of my cousin, who is the father of a family.”

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