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They criticize Adamari López for dressing his daughter in an “inappropriate” way.

They criticize Adamari López for dressing his daughter in an “inappropriate” way.

Puerto Rican actress and television presenter, Adamari LopezShe was criticized by her followers on social media after she posted a series of photos with her daughter celebrating birthdays.

Through their Instagram profile, the businesswomen also shared several photos in which they both pose as models in a circus-themed environment and some festive elements.

Today (Monday) I wish you a beautiful family celebration, enjoying the magic of Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus. Happy birthday my beautiful people!That was part of the 52-year-old Puerto Rican star's message.

However, surprisingly, netizens did not celebrate with postcards, but instead They criticized the broadcaster because of the outfit worn by eight-year-old Alia. According to them, the suit was “So short” And “I learned a lot“Being a girl. Moreover, they asked him.”Don't expose it“Like this and delete the photos.

CTake care of your treasure and do not expose it to these many sick people in this world. It's too small to show much“, one user commented under the photos.

I like the way they dress her, but I didn't really like these clothes, to be honest. Very exposed. To look beautiful, you don't need to show more if you are a girl.“Another internet user added.

How sad that she has been exposed to teaching so much since she was young.Another agreed. Meanwhile, a fourth said:The mother exposes her daughter a lot for money. Then they complain when they are criticized“.

Nice picture, but don't show it. Many predators” – said the fifth. At the same time, the sixth warned: I know you love your daughter, but without thinking, you expose her too much in this outfit.. There are a lot of crazy people out there, be careful! “.

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Given the criticism these images caused, Lopez did not speak, But her loyal fans defended her from these accusations And make sure that the costume was “short” because it was “circus”.

It's a circus costume. The outfit resembles a trapeze artist.said one of Lopez's followers.If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see that she represents a circus girl.“, Another defended her.