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Maribelli reveals what happened to Lupillo Rivera |  land escape

Maribelli reveals what happened to Lupillo Rivera | land escape

Maribelly Rivera revealed what happened to Lupillo Rivera, after the final of the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF), which she won.

The businesswoman said in an interview with Telemundo: “He came to talk to me almost at the end of (the ceremony), when the three awards had already ended,” stressing at the same time that she did not bid farewell to the Mexican singer who won the award. Third place.

“I didn’t say goodbye to him. He was still wearing glasses… He seemed embarrassed,” the Puerto Rican said.

On the other hand, he stated that Lobelo never imagined the amount of support he received. “He thought I was just a little drone over there.”

The model also classified him as an arrogant and arrogant person. He added: “I understand that he is a man who is jealous of successful women, strong women.”

He also stated that in a short approach Lupillo said a phrase like “it’s worth it.”

Meanwhile, the Hurricane Boricua convoy will be received and received on Thursday, starting at 4:00 p.m.

The call of the Maribelli team is to take to the streets in a massive demonstration, as demonstrated over four months in homes, public squares and businesses.

The convoy will depart from Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport and will travel via the Baldoriotti, Jose de Diego, Ponce de León, Ashford and Dos Hermanos Bridge routes. The route will include floats and commemorative events, joined by a group of bikers summoned by King Charlie.



Patricia Corsino reacted on social media to Maribelly Rivera winning the fourth season of the reality show La Casa de los Famosos.

The Victory Caravan will culminate in the T-Mobile Zone, where a party in town awaits.

“This is a victory that should be celebrated with my people, because because of them and because of the commitment I felt to my people, I did not give up and remained steadfast until the end, being the strong and true woman that everyone sees.” “She already knows,” the Puerto Rican Hurricane said.

The group of Caris, Joseph Fonseca, Sanchez, Michael Stewart and La India make up the artistic offering at the moment.

Hurricane Boricua achieved a “back to back” on the Telemundo show, in which Madison Anderson Berrios won in its third edition.