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Evalona reacts to Camilo's provocative performance with a dancer

Evalona reacts to Camilo's provocative performance with a dancer

The lives of artists unfold under the constant magnifying glass of the audience. Every action and reaction becomes a reason for speculation and comments, and more recently the famous singer Evalona Montaner She caused a stir by expressing her opinion regarding an act related to her husband. Camilo.

The stance of the dancer who sensually strutted next to Camilo during one of her performances unleashed a wave of divided opinions, with some impressed by Evalona's confidence, while others questioned the validity of her feelings.

Didn't Evaluna hide her jealousy? The singer makes a strong comment against the dancer.Getty Images

In a video circulating on social media, Camilo can be seen sharing the stage with a female dancer, both devoted to the sensual movements of the choreography. That moment prompted the dancer to approach the artist in a provocative manner, creating a situation that caught everyone's attention, including Evalona Montaner.

In front of the scene, Evalona did not hesitate to express her feelings on social media, and in a post that did not go unnoticed, the artist made a direct comment towards the dancer.

[¿Evaluna y Camilo tienen una crisis matrimonial?]

“Let her enjoy this little while, I eat that every day.”

Evalona Montaner

Evalona's words, which revealed to many a mixture of trust in her relationship with Camilo and, at the same time, hinted at a possible hint of jealousy.

Public opinion was divided between those who praised Evalona's confidence and praised her ability to express her feelings directly and without reservation.

On the other hand, critical voices emerged who wondered whether this was a daughter's reaction Ricardo Montaner Was it real or was it jealousy disguised under a cover of security?

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