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The meaning of the deer in the movie “Leave the World Behind”

The meaning of the deer in the movie “Leave the World Behind”

leave the world behind you It's the movie that's taking Netflix by storm right now. Its open ending is one of the most interesting, because the plot raises a series of questions about humans and their way of living in hyper-productivity and social disconnection. So the middle Collider I decided to consult directly with Netflix film director Sam Esmail about the message he wanted to deliver When you tell this story.

The first thing you must understand in… leave the world behind you Is that Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke, a couple with children, will spend the holiday in a rented house. He is surprised when the owners of the place, played by Mahershala Ali and Mihala Herold, show up at night to ask for housing, because they have been cut off from the outside world and need a place to sleep. Moreover, the explanation for his visit is due to an apparent technological blockage.

One of the strangest issues in the film is the image of a herd of deer. At first, animals appear through the bushes of the house, and the couple's younger daughter, who is on vacation, is curious and surprised by this unusual presence.

Later in the film, Amanda (Julia Roberts) and Ruth (Mihala Herold) are terrified that they may be attacked by a herd of deer. The first, who had a negative and racist attitude towards the second, attacks the deer with a desperate scream to scare it away from attacking its young companion. And he achieves this.

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“I wanted this film to feel like a dream that slowly turns into a nightmare,” he said. Collider exit.

“This is the experience that I was committed to giving the audience, and nothing got in my way. So I think that when people try to reconstruct the film in a purely logical, objective way, it doesn't work, and frankly, I don't think that works with most films,” he added. “It has to be felt and experienced, not necessarily thought that way.”

The truth is boss leave the world behind you He does not intend to provide many logical explanations about the existence of animals and the unexpected events in their history.Because this “works like a feeling, like a tone and is not intended to be an essay, where every plot point is indicated with logic and references.”

In general, the presence of servants in light of the technological catastrophe (goodbye to the Internet, mobile phones, and satellites) and the hypothesis of the end of the world. It works to arouse fear and make the audience wonder about the presence of these animals in the film..

“(The deer) represents nature's ominous warning that something is wrong and we are not listening,” he said.