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They are liquidating their dream iPad Pro 2024 with ultra-thin bezels and Mark Gurman denies this

They are liquidating their dream iPad Pro 2024 with ultra-thin bezels and Mark Gurman denies this

iPad Pro news faced leakers and analysts from the world of technology!

The 2024 iPad Pro is expected to be redesigned

Waiting iPad Pro launching in 2024Many rumors and leaks try to guess what features the new member of the Apple tablet family will have. The latest of these consists of Introducing a concept with ultra-thin bezels as a noveltyHowever, the illusion was short-lived.

The common concept of “X” was published by @everdremlng About the iPad Pro 2024, it sparked an exchange of opinions among other analysts with a good reputation for reporting on Apple, such as @MajinBuOfficial And @markgormanThe latter was against the validity of this information.

Rumors about iPad Pro 2024 are growing

In the first post, the designer @everdreamlng shared a concept of the iPad Pro where he emphasized the thickness of its bezels.

after, @MajinBuOfficial shared the post and added that this will also have other features Such as: M3 chip with 8GB of RAM, 12-core GPU, up to 3000 nits display, new Apple Pencil 3 with interchangeable magnetic tips, aluminum Magic Keyboard with 2 additional USB C and MagSafe instead From the smart connector. Although he added that he was not sure which source had those characteristics, it seemed like a good thing to report.

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However, Power On columnist Mark Gorman took issue with these posts and responded: “I do not agree with the idea of ​​transmitting false information with all due respect.”

What is known about the iPad Pro 2024?

The information that most sources agree on indicates that the iPad Pro 2024 will undergo a major change, taking into account that the design remains the same since its launch in 2018.

So, It is expected to have a glass back that will change its entire appearance with more vibrant and bright colors. This change in its design would also make wireless charging and reverse charging easier for the iPad Pro.

In addition, small details of iPadOS 17 indicate this The iPad Pro 2024 camera can be placed on the side of the deviceand change its orientation and layout for repeated use in landscape mode.

internally, Implementing a new processor will provide much greater performance It will allow the tablet to significantly increase its energy efficiency.

One of the most important and relevant novelties of the iPad Pro 2024 line will be found on its screen. Rumors suggest that Apple will launch two iPad Pro models with 11-inch and 13-inch OLED displays next year.

Likewise, whoever saw that he waved Next generation A new 4-pin connector and wireless charging will be implemented.

In recent years, pre-release leaks of Apple devices have been quite subtle. until The most accurate sources have made mistakes when sharing information and making up for it with someone elsein a practice that is already accepted as normal in the world of technology.