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WhatsApp changes the way you see statuses

WhatsApp changes the way you see statuses

Vertical distribution and inclusion of filters in the status section will improve engagement with this content. (Photo: iProfessional)

new to update From the mobile application WhatsApp It will allow users to have a new way to see their contacts’ statuses to request. This way you can interact with and explore this type of content in a more organized way in full screen mode instead of just occupying the top of the section.News“.

The main novelty of this new distribution is the inclusion of “See everythingAt the top right of the section state. This acts as a kind of full-screen button that hides Channels From the application and shows the countries with Vertical distribution.

This way of seeing state It is very similar to the vertical layout distribution that users have when using the application in the release Web It includes Publications From cases that have previously been seen as well as those that have not been interacted with before. The way they are identified will not change: a gray crown for those that have already been seen or a green crown in case they are new posts.

next to, WhatsApp New filters have been added for states only: “everyone“,”Recently“,”Watched” And “SilencingThis way, only the people you want to interact with, start conversations, or see again can be seen on screen.

WhatsApp launches vertical display of statuses. (Wapita Info)

Unlike the current model, which only allows horizontal distribution, statuses that have already been viewed or muted are placed at the end of a long list, making it more difficult to view them again. Publications. The redesign aims to focus on an offer Of users only in the section they want to visit instead of having to share it Cons like Channels.

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Currently, this WhatsApp functionality is already in the development stage. launch, so that some users can gradually see and use it once it is gradually enabled in regions and countries. Although there is no Schedule Specific information indicates when it will be available in each region, it is recommended that users update the information. to request In its latest release.

Although the states in WhatsApp They can be seen in the section designated for them, and it is possible to respond to them with reactions or comments by swiping your finger up on the screen, and users will now be able to more easily identify contacts who have posted photos or videos in this section.

As in others social networks how Instagram And messengerUsers’ profile photos will be surrounded by a green crown to indicate that they have posted a new status and can be clicked to view the status directly. content.

WhatsApp will allow you to see statuses without having to leave conversations. (Wapita Info)

These details will appear in the conversations interface every time a new post is published and the user has not viewed it.

In certain cases, if a contact blocks a user from seeing their statuses, this external crown will not appear in the profile photo and will only be visible to people they have acknowledged.

In addition, this option will be automatically activated for all users and will not require updating the app until it is available in the store. Google Play Store. To verify this, you must enter this platform and find “WhatsAppThrough the search engine.

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When entering this section, users should see “to update“And tap on it to start downloading and installing the new version of the platform. Once the process is complete, you should be able to see this feature being applied to your conversations.