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This is the largest roller coaster in the world

This is the largest roller coaster in the world

A roller coaster is usually the main attraction in the parks. These toys defy gravity with their large sizes and high speeds.

It was recently announced that the famous company Six Flags will build a roller coaster that will break records due to its massive dimensions.

This is the Falcon Ride, which stands approximately 655 feet (199.6 meters) tall and can be found at Six Flags Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia.

Philip Gaz, general manager of the entertainment city, confirmed that they want to “do things that have never been done before.” The place under construction will contain 28 attractions and many of them will set new records, such as the Sirocco Descent Tower, which will reach an approximate height of 144 meters, according to the USA Today website.

What will the longest roller coaster in the world look like?

In addition to its height of 199 meters, its speed will reach 250 kilometers per hour. To achieve this goal, the track uses three different playing fields throughout. Each vehicle will seat 14 people, in addition to 35 individually controllable lighting units, according to Coaster 101.

Due to the characteristics described above, passengers should wear safety glasses. Each row of the car will have a windshield to prevent visitors from encountering insects or any particles present in the air, according to Hobby Consolas.

Intamin explained that the first car will be shaped like a falcon’s head and can accommodate only two passengers, while the other cars can accommodate a maximum of 4 people.

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In one of the videos explaining the path of the roller coaster, you can see that from the beginning it is heading towards a large hill, which will reach a speed of 151 km/h from the first fall. Then you will encounter two more launches that will take you into the abyss, where you will plummet.

Once you pass that place, you will reach the highest attraction and end your journey with some turns while slightly reducing the speed you were at when you reached the top of the mountain.