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They are destroyed!  Barbara de Rigel and her daughter Mar de Rigel split up for this reason: 'It's awful'

They are destroyed! Barbara de Rigel and her daughter Mar de Rigel split up for this reason: ‘It’s awful’

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Los Angeles United States. – famous actress Barbara de Rigel take advantage of him social networks To report his great sadness that he had to distance himself from his only daughter Mar Alexa de Regel He admitted how much he misses her.

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The protagonist of the series like rosario scissors And Relatives by force He has always shown that he has an incredible relationship with the teenager from 17 years And they go everywhere together. They have been doing campaigns and commercials together for a few months, as their daughter is already a model and also dreams of becoming a great fashion designer.

During the afternoon of Tuesday October 12, de Rigel posted a new snapshot to his official Instagram He appeared with the young Mexican influencer and admitted that he misses her very much and that it hurts him not to be with her.

Not being by your side or knowing you’re close to me It’s awful… I feel like I don’t have a part of my heart,” the actress wrote 34 years.

Mar Alexa was not left behind either, and immediately dedicated some beautiful words to her famous mother: “I love you with everything I have … You are the most I have.”

The reason why Barbara and her teenage daughter aren’t together is because she’s traveling in Los Angeles, California, and while she didn’t give many details about her visit to this city, she had assumed a few hours ago that she had a new beach photo session with the famous Henry Jiménez.

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Source: Instagram @barbaraderegil