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"The Scream": Watch the trailer for the fifth movie of the horror saga |  Courtney Cox video David Arquette Celebs nndc |  Fame

“The Scream”: Watch the trailer for the fifth movie of the horror saga | Courtney Cox video David Arquette Celebs nndc | Fame

The fifth installment of the horror saga Which includes Latinas Gina Ortega and Melissa Barrera on its cast, made its first trailer on Tuesday for its release in theaters on January 14 next year.

Ortega is one of the main protagonists of that first preview since Ghostface, a fierce assassin, always with a dagger in hand, chases her from these tapes.

One of the attractions of this movie is that actors Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette will return for The Scream.

In a virtual interview with the media in which Effie participated, Parreira explained that this film introduces a “new generation” of characters into the world of “Scream”.

“It’s really ‘cool’ to be a part of this incredible saga that we all encourage. The continuation of this story is very exciting,” said the Mexican actress, best known for ‘Vida’ (2018-2020) and In the Heights (2021).

Barrera reminded that “Scream” is based above all on “surprises” and “unexpected twists” in the script, noting that she herself grew up watching these films, and confirmed that the team behind this new film has praised the legacy of the epic.

For his part, Ortega noted that “Scream” has a very interesting entertaining aspect for the audience.

Explained the translator of the series “Jane the Virgin” (2014-19) and the tape “Yes today” (2021).

Finally, Ortega thought about the importance of such a large-scale project as “Scream” betting on two Latinas for his actors.

“It’s so wonderful to present our culture here and to be part of a film that has such a huge impact on people all over the world,” he stated.

“Scream” is a very successful horror story that, since its first movie premiere in 1996, has given new life to the “slasher” under the stewardship of an even more disturbing and disturbing movie like Wes Craven.

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“Slasher” is a subgenre of horror that revolves around fearsome killers who harass and kill, one by one and almost always with knives, a group of people retaliating as the usual cause.

Craven, who was also responsible for the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” epic, died in 2015.

Behind the new proposal for “Scream” is the group of filmmakers known as Radio Silence, which consists of Matt Bettinelli Olbin, Tyler Gillette and Chad Villella.

Matt Bettenelli Olbin and Tyler Gillette are the film’s directors while Chad Villila is listed as executive producer.

These three directors presented the sinister comedy “Ready or Not” in 2019.

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