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Nick Carter Defends Himself: Files Counterclaim Against Sexual Assault Claims

Nick Carter Defends Himself: Files Counterclaim Against Sexual Assault Claims

Nick Carter has counterclaimed allegations of sexual assault that are being investigated

singer al Backstreet Boys Nick Carter She is implicated in the sexual assault investigation, which has begun in a Nevada court, though a ruling this week could change the course of the case.

The musician is being investigated over the allegations Three women who they claim raped him. The first confirms that the events occurred at the age of 17 after a concert in TacomaWashington, in bus where the band went on tour 2001.

He told the plaintiff that He will go to jail if he tells anyone what happened between them. He said he was Nick Carter and he had the power to do it.”

Three women claim the singer raped them in 2001 and 2003, two of them on his yacht and the third in the group where the band went on tour (AFP)

The second woman indicated that she was assaulted in Yacht Carter, V flTwo years later, V.I 2003.

Added to this is a subsequent complaint from another woman who claims she was abused when she was 15 years old on the same ship, in the same year.

In each case, the women request a Unspecified cash compensation of more than $30,000 USD.

Carter denied allegations of assault and emotional distress made by the victims. Because of this, on Wednesday his defense filed a counterclaim alleging defamation, criminal association and abuse of due process by three people involved.

In a development that may change the course of the investigations, Clark County Court Judge Nancy Aleph agreed to this appeal and opened the door for Carter to continue his innocence and plea for acquittal. Compensation of more than $2.3 million in damages.

Carter counterclaimed for defamation, tortious conspiracy, and abuse of due process, seeking $2.3 million in damages.

After this last decision. Melissa Schumann And his father Jerome Schumann, two of those implicated, must provide answers to the judges against accusations that point to them as participants in the operation. The campaign through which they seek to capitalize on the fame of the musician.

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For years, Melissa and Jerome Schumann They conspired with anyone they could manipulate to bring false accusations against Nick Carter in a brazen attempt to enrich themselves at his expense.His lawyer, Lian Wakayama, said in a statement.

He also accused them of that “Recruit” the third applicantwho lives in York County and maintains that the attacks occurred after meeting the musician in Marathon, Florida.

Meanwhile, Alan Greenberg, attorney for the Schumann family, asserted that the defendant was a public figure, that the accusations were baseless and that his client had reported the abuse to two of his friends and his therapist in 2003.

However, according to Wakayama, these complaints were not made public until the end of 2017, when the social movement promoted by the initiative began to gain strength. #Me too.

The #MeToo movement gained momentum in 2017 and led to many hitherto unknown cases being filed (AFP)

This case shows how much Time, courage, and perseverance are needed for victims and survivors to report sexual assault “Minor and seek justice,” said Margot Mabey, the third complainant’s attorney, before this setback.

Despite numerous complaints about Carter’s past behavior toward young women, His victims continue to fight for him to be held publicly responsible for the harm he has caused them.”he finished.

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