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They agreed to exempt gifts from Dominicans from tax

They agreed to exempt gifts from Dominicans from tax

The Parliament This Wednesday, urgently, in two readings the draft “Import Tax Exemption Act” was approved unanimously. gifts brought into the country by Dominicans residing abroad.

Now the initiative will go to the Senate of the Republic for information, study and subsequent approval.

This article was written by Rep. Ramon Ceballos of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), and notes that the Dominican Republic benefits from dollars entering the central bank through Dominicans visiting the country.

One of the parties states: “Residents abroad are an economic, cultural and political reference that influences their contributions to the national economy through Transfers shipped to the country.

Article 1 of the bill states that its main objective is to exempt the things or things that Dominicans residing abroad bring into the country from import taxes for the purposes of gifts For family and friends.

With this project, Article 324 of Law No. 168-21 of Customs of the Dominican Republic of August 9, 2021 has been amended to read as follows: “Those things or things brought into the country by Dominicans residing abroad which have not entered the national territory in the past six months and which do not contain commercial purposes are exempt from payment of import taxes.”

Items that do not apply

According to the Customs Law, it indicates in its first paragraph that motor vehicles, firearms and goods that are raw or industrial materials or inputs to the industrial or agricultural sector, including fuel and its derivatives, are excluded from this law.

In the same way, a second paragraph is added indicating: “Transfer gifts by the way the traveler deems fit, provided that the value of the goods carried is not greater than the amount fixed by this Act and not in commercial quantities, allowing only one unit of each kind of goods, especially in the case of household appliances.”

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The highest value for these gifts The sum should not exceed 2500 dollars.

Article 5 states: “This law supersedes Law No. 9-96 of September 9, 1996, and any other law or text in conflict with it.

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