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These are the seven habits of the happiest people in the world

These are the seven habits of the happiest people in the world

the Happiness experts They agreed: To be happy you learnhow Learn to live. And learning to live has a lot to do with our evolution emotional smartness. And it’s a lot studies who analyzed the possible association between Emotional skillshe individual well-being and the Subjective happiness. Today, science amply backs it up. If we learn from childhood more and better for our use emotional smartnessTo practice the teachings positive psychologyWe had a much better chance Be happy in childhood and adulthood. We are in dire need of these psychological arts but increased social attention to their problems Psychological health It can be a perfect shuttle to improve.

The five abilities of emotional intelligence help you be happier

the emotional smartness It is the ability to perceive, understand, assimilate and organize Own feelings and feelings of others. Peter Salovythe famous American psychologist V.V emotional smartnessdeveloped this concept to illustrate it on 5 skills of personal intelligences which, moreover, are related to what we understand to be true maturity In adulthood:

  1. Know your feelings. Be aware of yourself and how we feel.
  2. The ability to control/modify emotions. The ability to attend and regulate it without suppressing it.
  3. The ability to self-motivate. Has the ability to maintain interest, motivation and creativity.
  4. Recognize the feelings of others empathize with. Expose other people’s feelings.
  5. Control over relationships. Keep your time healthy relationships.

The seven habits of happy people

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand, internalize, and regulate one’s own emotions and those of others.

What is the role of all of these? skills Day after day? people that They train daily for him emotional smartness Develop healthy habits that allow them be joyful. It’s not that you have less problemsuncertainty, difficultiesdoubts or absence of security In life, is that what you learn flow with them. It sounds easy but it is not so easy to implement. To understand it better, we chose 7 habits that high people Emotional skills And experience shows that its practice helps them to do so Be happier than the rest. Are these:

1. They are curious people.

They don’t freeze, they always are Opens to know. Insomnia intellectually and sociallyDo not hesitate to expose themselves to it new positions Even if it is a challenge they have to deal with Fears. Travel, learn, read… Whatever puts us in it a movement Feed our minds and we have happiness. says the expert happiness Tell bin Sahar in his book Happiest in spite of everything: “We have to do Positive questions (…) These are just some of the questions that can be asked stimulate curiositybroaden your vision and, in turn, contribute to your well-being as a person: When am I happiest? How can I be happier? Where do I feel that my life has meaning? How do I find greater meaning in life? What are my positive habits? How can I incorporate other positive habits? What do I like to learn? How can I increase my curiosity? “

2. They don’t jump to conclusions.

before commenting or making a decision Weight Things well. We are not referring to falling in rumination But to give yourself some time, don’t rush to avoid them Make decision An error or misinterpretation of something that happened. next to, Trust our intuition And thinking is very important to our decisions consistent with our values. This position is its main feature Happy people. “to learn Decision making Do not just prefer Emotional health and self-esteem, but it is necessary to achieve our goals and be able to advance in life; We feel that we are Masters of our destinyexplains the clinical psychologist Laura Rojas Marcos.

3. They practice the mind-body connection.

We know what emotions we feel and store in our bodies.

We know that Feelings feel It is stored in our bodies. There is a unity between what is happening in our minds and what is expressed by the body. If we learn Read our emotions In it, we have emotional smartness If doubled ‘search in Neurology He explains that the only way we can change the way we feel is by Realizing our inner experience And learn to make friends with what is happening inside ourselves, ”explains psychologist Bessel van der Kolk, who is famous for his work The body keeps score.

4. They recognize emotions as friendly messengers.

nothing emotions Bad in itself, they can all carry it Messages important about ourselves. the Sorrow Wave happinesshe afraid Wave calm They are signs that can motivate us to do so Addressing issuesl Grow personallyto make decisions that will help us obtain greater inner harmony and happiness.

5. They understand the true meaning of anger.

the I will do how feelings It is very important when it helps us protect a legitimate space. As the psychologist says Anna Belin MediadiaAnger can help us realize a lot of things already Set limits When we feel invaded. without the I will do we will be dummies. So it’s not about avoiding feeling it, but what we need is, instead, feeling it, listening to it, directing and managing itThe function of anger is to help us defend ourselves against injustice and let our dignity roar. It is essential to protect ourselves. happiness.

6. They feel deep empathy for others

people with High emotional intelligence They are very aware of the need for an “us” coupling and experience a deep desire for it help others. They understand that just an act Salah It can change someone’s day. They know it by offering support, understanding, and kindnesscan contribute to the collective well-being of mankind.

7. They practice self-compassion.

the empathize with Towards ourselves is just as important as the person we practice to others. Hence the people with great emotional smartness practice Self careSet boundaries, be kind to yourself, and forgive yourself. According to the psychologist Courtney Warrenthe better you feel about yourself as a person, the easier it will be for you be yourself No matter what situation you find yourself in. According to the psychologist, when you feel that you are not up to what you would like to be, remember that life is a continuum to learn. The goal is not to be perfect, but rather to learn from it mistakes So we don’t do it again.”

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