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A Powerful Ab Workout You Can Do Anywhere (Including At Work)

A Powerful Ab Workout You Can Do Anywhere (Including At Work)

Did you know that you can strengthen the abdomen by sitting and just with your breath? In this video, our personal trainer Victor Tellez Explains a very simple cardio (abdominal) exercise in a simple way and anywhere. You can even do this at work. tellez It is suggested to do 10 repetitions in one position and 10 in another. You can use it to strengthen or warm up before your workouts.

The first of them Can be done sitting on a chair. You only need to place a brick between the legs. “This will cause you to activate the abductor area, which coincides with the abdominal area, so it will further enhance the exercise itself,” our trainer explains.

The key to the exercise is, in addition to posture, in breathing. You have to take in the air through your nose and release it slowly through your mouth while applying pressure on the abdominal area. This simple gesture makes the belly stronger.

With this exercise you will notice that the waist contracts, so you will strengthen the transverse and oblique abdominal area.

The second level that Téllez proposes is done on the floor, supine. It’s the same exercise but on the floor, so the bricks will be placed in the same place and pressed with the same force as in a seated position. The breathing is the same and you just have to pay attention to the position of your back, following Téllez’s advice.

The last level is on the ground but with the legs raised at an angle of 90 degrees.

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Incorporate these exercises into your daily routine and you will see how you will improve your abdominal strength.

If you like these tips, you can’t miss everything our personal trainer has to offer. In this link are all of his videos for improving physical health and strengthening the whole body.

And if you have any questions, you can contact Téllez through his social networks.

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