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The Master of Biological Sciences receives a qualifying registration renewal by MEN

The Master of Biological Sciences receives a qualifying registration renewal by MEN

Nariño University, a quality accredited institution by the Ministry of National Education men, Congratulations to the Master of Biological Sciences on achieving a renewal of enrollment qualification for a period of seven (7) years.

The creation of a master’s degree in Biological Sciences is a response to the search for solutions to countless problems in the region, the scientific development of biological sciences at the national and international levels, and the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.

Rector of the University of Nariño, Dr. Martha Sofia González Insuaste, recalled such an important event: “The Ministry of National Education has renewed the qualifying register for the Master’s Program in Biological Sciences, the first master’s program formulated in the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. It is a great honor for me to be able to To have this renewal of the qualified record, especially in the program in which many of the teachers who reached the Department of Biology worked as doctors at the time, and today it is reflected in this confidence that the Ministry of Education in renewing the registration so that many graduates from various professions related to science “Congratulations to the Department of Biology, to the College of Exact and Natural Sciences, and in particular recognition of the work of the Master’s Coordinator, Professor Sonia Mahisha Paus, as well as the contribution of Professor Ana Barrios as Senior Academic Advisor.”

The graduate of the Master in Biological Sciences will be a competent researcher with the ability to propose and develop projects in the biological sciences; Likewise, it can be integrated into the development of interdisciplinary work related to basic and applied research to contribute to solving problems in this field of knowledge.

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Sonia Mahecha Baos, Master’s Degree Coordinator in Biological Sciences says: “Having eligible enrollment for a master’s degree means having a program that has the potential to graduate biologists with master’s degrees in biological sciences who can take on the challenges we currently face as the world and as humanity; they are challenges in Confronting climate change and ecological restoration is getting the cutting edge of science here in this way. It is a matter of pride and joy for us to receive such recognition from the guys.”

Alma mater congratulates the master’s degree in biological sciences for the renewal of the qualified record. This is one of the symbols that represents the suitability of academic administrative processes. It highlights the excellence of students, teachers and administrators.

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