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These are the plans of the President for AIFA and Dos Bocas in 2023 - El Financiero

These are the plans of the President for AIFA and Dos Bocas in 2023 – El Financiero

The President of the Republic during his fourth government report Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stressed that Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA)one of the “star” projects in his six-year tenure, one of the best projects in the world, so by 2023 Department of Lechería Airport Train “Felipe Ángeles”which will travel from Buenavista (CDMX) to the air terminal, in 45 minutes.

“Do you remember what they said about the airport? That it wouldn’t be used, and I have already started the airport To get more and more passengersAt the rate of eight thousand passengers per day, and each time they are more. Even if they don’t want to accept it, the president said, it’s one of the best airports in the world.

What did AMLO say about refineries?

The President reports that two coke plants are under construction for production 145 thousand barrels of gasoline per day Instead of fuel oil, with 160 billion pesos; This, in Tula and Salina Cruz.

On Dos Bocas, the Chair mentioned that Olmeca refinery in Paraiso, Tabascowith an investment of $11 billion to process 340 thousand barrels of crude oil per day. “This factory is already in the period of integration. And that our conservative opponents do not crave, And it will already start producing gasoline and diesel“.

He added, “Oil production, which had been declining for 14 consecutive years of declining oil production, has now stopped declining and is increasing to 791,000 barrels per day, and the extracted gas is 4,795 million cubic feet per day.” At the end of next year, we will be self-sufficient and stop buying petrol and diesel from abroad.” AMLO This Sunday, November 27th.

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In addition, he commented that 40 thousand 158 million pesos has been allocated for the rehabilitation of six refineries in the country.

“Shell’s shares in the Deer Park refinery, Texas, were bought for $600 million, with only one year’s profit. The investment has already been paid, and this plant that produces 210,000 barrels of fuel per day is already . from Mexico.”

Finally, the president stated that by December next year, the Train to Toluca.