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A Venezuelan governor paid tribute to Diego Maradona with a special video featuring Hugo Chavez

A Venezuelan governor paid tribute to Diego Maradona with a special video featuring Hugo Chavez

Tribute to Chavez and Maradona with a special video in Venezuela

Over the weekend, the Venezuelan state authorities announced Carabobo They held a special celebration to celebrate the anniversary of Diego Armando Maradona Sports Centre in Puerto Cabello. During the event, a video was shown showing a duel between superheroes and angels.

The special thing about the clip is that the superheroes are personified by Raphael lavathe controversial governor of Carabobo, W.L Nicolas Maduro; They both wear a costume Batman and a The Avenger, Straight. While his rivals in that supposed football match are the late former president Hugo Chavez s Diego Maradona.

In the photos you can see the ruler of Chavista in a suit Batman, who has long been recognized as the Venezuelan politician. Then the dictator Maduro appears in a suit very similar to his Hombre de Hierro.

accordingly, Chavez flies from the sky, in military uniform and a red beret, with angel wings on his back. At the end of the video it is added Maradonathe deceased in 2020, who also descended like an angel.

Then the characters make a series of passes with the ball, ending with a goal for the Argentine star with his hand, alluding to the one who remembers. God’s hand Against England in the World Cup Mexico 86.

After this action, the figures of Lacava and Maduro bow to Chávez and Maradona, who are gaining momentum to return to heaven.

We wanted to honor our brother, the minister Tariq El Aissami To Diego Maradona on the date of his actual departure and of course to our President Maduro for his guidance on this issue and he is very close and he felt it.” He added: “Mi Maradona lives on forever. Thank you, brother Tariq, for coming to share this beautiful moment for those of us who love football. Venezuela will always thank Diego for his friendship and solidarity with us and especially with Commander Chavez and our brother Maduro.”

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However, Hugo Chavez’s daughter, Maria Gabriela Chavez Colmenaresdisavowed the video on Twitter, calling it “grotesque”.

Simple: The best way to honor Commander Chávez is to follow his example in life humility s ConnectingHe wrote what appeared to be a veiled criticism of the Maduro government. “Never make an ugly video of some stupid superhero. It’s disrespectful to my father’s memory!! Chavez lives on in the soul of his people!!”.

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