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These are the fourteen newly nationalized Nicaraguans from the Spanish

These are the fourteen newly nationalized Nicaraguans from the Spanish

The government of Spain nationalized a new group of 14 Nicaraguans who had been stripped of their citizenship by the Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo regime and rendered stateless. The official list of citizens who have now joined the first nationalized group of 14 was published on Wednesday. There are already 28 stateless people with this nationality.

This new nationalized group is composed, in accordance with the decisions published in Spanish Official Gazette (BOE)former Sandinista guerrilla and released politician, Dora Maria Tellez Arguello; Former deputy and member of the Puentes para el Desarrollo Foundation, Idibekia Juliana Dupont Castro; Former congressman and political analyst, Eliseo Nunez Morales; Sociologist, expert on national security issues and head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Central America (Cetcam), Elvira Quadra Lira; Wife of Carlos Fernando Chamorro, journalist and director of Confidencial, Desiree Guadalupe Elizondo Cabrera.

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Also a member of Onamus, Hector Ernesto Mairina; Director of the abolished Las Segovias Leadership Institute, Heidi Isabelle Castillo Flores; sociologist and economist, Ervin Isidro Larios Sanchez; and former member of the National Reconstruction Board of Directors, Moises Hassan Morales.

Likewise, the opponent of Ginotepe, exiled in Costa Rica, Dulce Maria Porras Aguilar; Former President of the abolished Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Funides), Gerardo Jose Baltodano Cantarero; Lawyer and member of the human rights organization Nicaragua Nonca +, Guillermo Gonzalo Carrión Maradiaga; Former collaborator of the extinct Popol Nah Foundation, Harry Bayardo Chavez CerdaLawyer, university professor and former diplomat Hugo Ramon Rodriguez Flores.

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On February 9, the regime released 222 political prisoners it had exiled to the United States and stripped them of their citizenship on the same day. This group was joined by 94 other nationals who were stripped of their nationality on 15 February and declared “fugitives from justice” who were in turn ordered to confiscate their Nicaraguan assets.

Spain was the first country to offer citizenship to Nicaraguan exiles to the United States. Then Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil joined. The Spanish government grants citizenship under the nature letter form, which is an exceptional measure that prevents people from prolonging their stateless status for a long time.

Thank you

Onamus director Hector Mairena thanked the Spanish government for the citizenship.

He wrote on Twitter: “I publicly thank the Spanish government, President Pedro Sánchez, since today appeared to grant Spanish citizenship to me and other children deprived of the Nicaraguan nation by the Ortega dictatorship.”

In the same way, sociologist Cuadra expressed her “deep gratitude to the government and people of Spain for granting citizenship to the Nicaraguans who stripped us of our original nationality.”

The first group

On May 12, according to the decisions published in Bank of England14 Spanish Nicaraguans were nationalized.

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Includes stateless persons who have acquired citizenship Christiana and Carlos Fernando Chamorrochildren of former President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro; the professor Ernest Medinapriest Carlos Adolfo Zeledon Montenegroactivist Alexa Zamora AranA, journalist Alvaro Navarro And human rights defender Alvaro Leyva.

In addition they are Camilo de Castro Belli, son of the writer Gioconda Belli; feminism Azalea Solis; Gertrudis Guerrerowife of writer Sergio Ramirez; Adolfo Roman Garcia And Alvaro Jesus Somoza Urquio. Former political prisoners exiled to the United States also received Spanish citizenship Tamara DavilleOh Anna Margareta Vigil.