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The XI Congress of Exact and Natural Sciences was opened in unison

The XI Congress of Exact and Natural Sciences was opened in unison

Published note: 05-23-2024

Beatrice Espinosa

To exchange experiences, ideas and strategies on teaching and learning in the face of the challenges of the New Mexican School in the Exact and Natural Sciences, the Activities Day of the 11th State Congress of Exact and Natural Sciences began on Thursday, May 23.

The event, which was held in the conference hall of the Arts Center, was opened by the head of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Aron Grajeda Bustamante, accompanied by the Academic Secretary of the University of Sonora, Ramon Enrique Robles Zepeda. He welcomed attendees from various higher and secondary education institutions in the region.

He pointed out that there are academics and researchers interested in updating their knowledge, especially in the field of science, which reflects that as teachers they can influence decision-making and have a greater social impact.

“Our students must learn to raise knowledge and difficulties in very large teaching processes. I want to say that as complex as it may seem, there are actually many professors, male and female researchers who work in a very close way to these comprehensive models that cover all this diversity Thematic aspects of these learning mechanisms, skills and knowledge.

Uniform Event: Robles Zepeda

During the opening ceremony, on behalf of the Rector María Rita Blancart Martínez, the Academic Secretary General of the Foundation, Ramon Enrique Robles Zepeda, welcomed the attendees and the recognized academic Ezequiel Rodríguez Jauregui, for being the main promoter of the conference and other sciences. Dissemination activities among children and young people, especially.

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“We are already in the eleventh edition and we have seen how the State Congress of Exact and Natural Sciences has been strengthened, but moreover, the primary goals of all higher education have been unified,” he stressed.

Robles Zepeda pointed out the many expressions that make it necessary to promote and strengthen upper secondary education in the country, and this conference precisely defines the possibility of convergence between the University of Sonora and other higher education institutions with upper secondary education, across all subsystems.

“When one sees the program that has been developed, it is clearly seen that there is an intention to strengthen this outreach, so that the university will be one of the main beneficiaries of receiving better prepared students in the future through continuous training of higher education teachers,” he added.

Especially for teachers

The then head of the organizing committee, Ezequiel Rodríguez Jauregui, stated that this is a conference in which university professors and subsystem professors meet to create these activities that are very necessary as strengthening the teaching team is essential. Promoting youth in the country.

“This is the goal of our institutions, and that is why it is this coalition that we have to organize this conference,” he said.

He confirmed that there will be three public sessions on a topic related to the new Mexican school.

Listing the names of speakers who will take the microphone to share their experiences, he said that in addition, a total of 22 courses will be taught and a competition for educational and disciplinary models will be developed.

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During the opening ceremony, Jesús Guadalupe Durán Pinzón was present by the Director of Student Services of the Regional Center for the Training of Professional Teachers in Sonora; General Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary College of Unified Exact and Natural Sciences, Juan Pablo Soto Parreira; In addition to the country’s Undersecretary of Higher Secondary and Higher Education, Rodolfo Basurto Alvarez, and others.