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Barcelona begins construction of the largest immune research center in the country

Barcelona begins construction of the largest immune research center in the country

Barcelona It is more like hosting The first research center specialized in immunology in Spain And one of the first Europe. This Tuesday is set The first stone Follower Caixa Research InstituteThis was at a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Barcelona. Jaume ColbonePresident of the La Caixa Foundation, Isider Fine Director of the scientific project for future equipment, Josep Tabernero.

The institute has an investment close to 100 million euros Provided by the “la Caixa” Foundation, it represents a global reference center in scientific research in the field of immunology. The main focus of the center will be to investigate the processes of the immune system in its interaction with… Common diseasesSuch as neurological, tumors and infectious diseases, in addition to their analysis Environmental factors that effect on immune system.

During the groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday, Josep Tabernero emphasized that immunology is “Cornerstone of modern biomedicine“. Taking into account that the immune system is Natural defense The body fights infections and diseases. Immunotherapy is a medical treatment that seeks to strengthen and direct it. Immunotherapy has already been shown to be effective in treating certain types of cancer and autoimmune diseases, and has been used to create cutting-edge technology. Messenger RNA vaccinessuch as those that have developed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, Tabernero emphasized that immunology is a science “very complicatedWhich requires investigation. In this sense, he stressed that “only 25% of cancer patients currently benefit” from these treatments, so there is still a lot of progress to be made to treat a wider range of patients. In this pioneering center, which has begun construction, “scientific teams will have at their disposal advanced tools, Last generation technology And a first-class research environment,” which will allow them to move in this direction, Tabernero emphasized.

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La Caixa Foundation highlights that the Caixa Research Institute has the ambition to put Barcelona and Spain at the forefront of immunology research, and to do this they will focus on attracting “High-level international talentWith this desire, a Chairman of the Entity’s Advisory Committee was appointed Dr. Anthony Ribas, a prominent expert in this scientific field. Starting in 2025, when the institute begins its work, the equipment is expected to grow until it reaches a minimum level 500 professionals It employs scientists, technical and administrative staff, although the building will accommodate 700 people.

The center is being built on a plot of land In front of CosmocaixaNext to Ronda de Dalt in the Catalan capital. As part of the first stone-laying ceremony, representatives of the relevant institutions deposited historical pieces in a warehouse Time capsuleIt symbolizes the beginning of a new era in medical research.

And in his parliament… Jaume Colbone He thanked Barcelona for choosing to invest in this project, and stated that “a country without research is a country without development potential.” He also stressed that Spain “needs a progressive government so that science continues to advance, so that it does not take any backward steps and so that Barcelona continues to receive the investments and recognition it deserves, in order to strengthen its position as a scientific capital.”

For his part, the head of the La Caixa Foundation said: Isider FineHe stressed that this first stone “represents a milestone in the history of research in our country.” He added: “Thanks to uniting the efforts of various actors committed to the well-being of society, we will be able to promote innovative solutions to the major challenges we currently face in the field of health.”

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