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They located a missing Cuban teenager in Mexico

They located a missing Cuban teenager in Mexico

A 15-year-old Cuban teenager whose whereabouts are unknown since then On June 9 in Chihuahua, Mexico, she was found safe and sound.

The minor, who is a native of Cienfuegos and had been living with her parents for seven months in Mexican territory, was found on Saturday in Municipality of Guerreroin the same state of Chihuahua in the north of the country.

The teen said that His absence was voluntary, and he ruled out being a victim of any crime.as specified before Local press Quoting a source, a statement issued by the State Public Prosecution.

Disappearance file

After receiving a missing persons reportThe Missing Girls, Teens and Women Unit launched an immediate search that took agents to the municipality of Guerrero, where they found the teen.

No other circumstances emerged as to how the Cuban minor was found, nor the reason that prompted her to give up living with her parents.

This was mentioned earlier The family had intentions of crossing to the United States, even though they already had a job and a home in the Chihuahua state capital.

In recent months, several Cubans have been reported missing in Mexico, amid a migration crisis that has prompted many of the island’s citizens to embark on dangerous routes controlled by coyotes and traffickers.

In recent days, it has emerged that another Cuban is 62 years old Oscar Luis Marcos Russo, He has been missing in the Mexican state of Tabasco since June 4.

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