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The women in the MIR exam, who made it to the top 10

Sofia Hasselgruber, MIR 2022 Mark of the Year.

Women have trampled on May 2022. In addition to Sophia Hasselgruberwho had the highest final score on the medical exam, and top ten It was made up of two other women: Belin Rodriguez s Beatriz GarciaWhich ranked third and fourth in the list, respectively. That is, despite the fact that Feminization of the medical profession There is no question that the presence of females among the best tests for access to FSE training is traditionally low. So much so that, according to official data, numbers from the last call have not been produced since 2019, when women represented 30 percent of top ten from Mir.

In the past seven years, the list of winners on the last call has been repeated only twice. The lowest attendance numbers are found at 2021, when only one applicant was part of the MIR top applicant list. Specifically, female representation fell uxue izpurawho got fourth place The highest mark for calling MIR 2021.

The most frequent ratio in the last seven lists confirms A 80% of male leadership among the top ten exams. By the numbers, the rate of females in the best exercise score is limited to 21.4 percent, compared to 78.6 percent for men.

in 2020, Carla Amarante s Maria Belén de Nicholas were part of top ten, where they ranked third and fourth, respectively. In 2018, with the proportion of eight men and two women also among the most notable observations, female representation came from the hands of doctors Lucia Rodriguezand the third highest mark for the call, and Susan Maria Dondereighth.

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A year ago, in 2017, Marta Garcia Montero It established itself as the second most prominent candidate in the examination, while Noelia Fernandez It ranked seventh on the list. in 2016, Maria Teresa Montalvofifth highest note, f Paula Gonzalezseventh, they put the female note at the top of the MIR definitive list.

Strong female presence at MIR

with a final score of 103.2911 points, Sofía Haselgruber becomes MIR 2022 number one. A fact that hasn’t happened since the 2013 call, when Veronica Real I got the highest score in the medical test. Choose Real to specialize cardiology in La Paz Hospital, while Haselgruber named MIR 2022 Best Favorite Film, Dermatologyat the University Hospital Virgen de las Nieves in Granada.

According to a report issued and developed by the Studies Center of the Union of Doctors in Granada Vincent Matasthe percentage of feminize Of all those admitted to the Health Specialized Training Examinations (FSE) in 2022 is located in 75.1 percent. Although nursing ranked as the area with the most women, at 89.2 percent, female presence was 64.4 percent for bachelor’s degrees. medicine; An examination in which 13059 doctors were accepted.

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