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The weather forecast expects little rain and heat activity for Father's Day

The weather forecast expects little rain and heat activity for Father’s Day

What little rain activity, some fog, heat and worsening sea conditions National Weather Service (SNM) For Father’s Day in San Juan, – for now – no significant rain event was seen this week.

Although the particles Sahara dust In the region, meteorologist Cecilia Villanueva He pointed out that a change will be observed between today, Sunday and tomorrow. “We’m already seeing traces (or traces of dust) between tonight and tomorrow, but it’s not going to be foggy at the start of the weekend.”

The air quality index, released last Friday by the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER), found it to be unhealthy in the Bones area and moderate for Fajardo and Mayaquias.

Currently, it is moderate to San Juan and Mayaquez, so those with “exceptional sensitivity” are recommended to limit activities that require prolonged or intense effort outside.

On the other hand, meteorologist Villanueva noted that although the temperature indicators were not expected to be so high, the day would be hot. He expected temperatures in coastal areas to be as low as 90 Fahrenheit (F).

He urged citizens to be vigilant regarding maritime conditions There is a high risk of ocean currents, Mainly to the north and northwest coasts of Puerto Rico. Danger extends overnight across the North Coast and Culebra.

“The waves are often up to five feet during the day and occasionally up to 6 feet in seawater.

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Villanueva may develop some specific rainfall patterns, but they will be isolated. Some short-term thundershowers may develop in the western part.

“You will not see such a significant event for the whole week. There is a tropical wave in the middle of the week, but it mostly passes south. Yes, maybe after that wave, by the weekend, the remaining moisture could cover us and give it some rain, ”he commented.

Currently, more than 67% of the island is under moderate drought Drought monitoring in the United States. In addition, an area concentrated in the Northeast already records severe drought parameters in the absence of a major rainfall event.