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Fernando Villalona llama a caminata por ley para la inclusión de niñez con autismo

Fernando Villalona calls for a walk in the law to enroll children with autism

Santo Domingo. DR

Fernando Villalona, ​​on Sunday, June 26, called on his followers on the march to achieve Law 05-13 on the inclusion of people with autism.

“Raise your voice and march to achieve it,” Villalona posted a video on her Instagram in which she recalled being an autistic young man. Matthew Jeremiah Villalona Visioso, Now 23 years old.

Villalona asks that all children with autism be included in the protection law “because we live in a country where there are no thinking people in this country, and I think many of my friends are going to Congress, senators, and I personally urge you to get our children a good education and anywhere in the world.”

The so-called Mymbe is the father of two daughters and three sons. The first biology, the next two adopted children and the fifth and last adopted.

Men who touched her heart in different ways, without breaking away from her relationship with her daughters Paloma and Clarissa.

The twins were raised by Fernando Jose and Jose Fernando (now 30) because “their mother gave them to me before she died”.

Fatima Visioso, her emotional companion And he would name it “the love of my life” on his Facebook account because Bio could not have children, so they both decided to adopt.

“We thought they were going to give us a blonde American with green eyes, so when they gave me this little beauty, I said: ” Ah, ‘we talked to my wife’s mother (he said to us):’ Then the Lord will tell you. Commanded, accept it, because it will be your joy and love, it was just that.

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Matthew is autistic, but his parents do not know it until he begins to grow up. Fernando and Fatima adopted him in New York and took him with them when he was 19 days old.

“At first, my normal daughters were a little jealous, because one day I was praising him on TV, ‘My favorite son, Matthew’, and then a little jealousy was born, a little stumbling block, but thank you Lord, he gave me the strength to seek reconciliation.

Fernando summarizes his love of home in Matthew, although he does not deny that he is “very fast-paced” but manageable.

“Sometimes we do not know that they have a parallel life due to ignorance. He gets angry and then says: ‘Well, Dad, well, Mom, I understand,’ “El Mayimbe commented.