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The Venezuelan regime ignored the Barbados Agreement and replaced it with this year's electoral proposal

The Venezuelan regime ignored the Barbados Agreement and replaced it with this year's electoral proposal

The Venezuelan regime ignored the Barbados Agreement and replaced it with this year's electoral proposal: “This agreement is much bigger” (EFE)

System Nicolas Maduro It continues its sabotage operations and attempts ahead of the presidential elections scheduled for this year. This Wednesday, it was the President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, who announced his latest strategy: now, Chavismo It ignores the Barbados AgreementIt was signed last October with the opposition and the mediation of the international community as a kind of democratic guarantee for the elections.

Rodriguez emphasized, in his opinion, that Proposed electoral schedule What has been reached in recent hours with the political, social and religious sectors is comprehensive enough to replace the previous document.

“from my point of view, This agreement is considered a development of the Barbados Agreement and replaces itBecause more can do less (…) In other words, The Barbados Convention is part of this whole agreement, of this much larger agreement.The Speaker of Parliament explained.

This is not the first time that the regime has failed to adhere to the political rights and electoral guarantees stipulated in the October Agreement (EFE).

Likewise, he explained that it is a strong enough proposal, with the support of 87% of political parties, as well as social, commercial, cultural and religious organizations, and that Includes “all dates of all proposals”. He added that it is “much wider” than last year.

After processing approximately 500 proposals received in 150 meetings, the final document was approved in total 27 possible dates -Both for the first and second half of the year- and will be delivered on Friday to National Electoral Council (CNE), the only body authorized to issue a call for elections, and which is closely linked to the ruling party.

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He added: “We have 27 dates, and the Council will hold technical discussions for the purposes of advocacy and preparing the electoral program. All the proposals are here: you want to hold the elections on May 1, we put them on May 1, they want to hold them on December 8, we put them on December 8, and the National Electoral Commission must decide that,” Rodriguez continued his statement, confident that this body associated with the system will fulfill his will.

The latest proposal includes a total of 27 possible election dates and must be approved by the ruling National Electoral Council

For this reason, the opposition and the international community maintain their mistrust of the electoral process proposed by Chavista, especially if it withdraws from the October Agreement.

the day before, Democratic Unionist PlatformIt, which gathers opposition votes, once again expressed its readiness to do so “Review any proposal or document that refers to electoral matters, as long as it is within the Barbados Agreement.”In an attempt to remind Maduro of his commitment to these “political rights and electoral guarantees.”

also, European Union He expressed his desire to send A Monitoring mission For the electoral event, to which the parliamentary leader responded that it should be limited to “neutrality.” Regarding the sanctions imposed by the Union on the top leaders of the Miraflores Palace, he said: “You cannot be compliant and at the same time think that you can be very offensive and impudent to interfere in the internal affairs of the country.” Like Elvis Amoroso, the head of the Electoral College and former comptroller responsible for disqualifying politicians.

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Meanwhile, last week, the DUP submitted to representatives of Norway – an intermediary state – a document containing 33 pages of complaints about alleged violations of agreements signed with the regime, including the ratification of the candidacy ban on Maria Corinna. .

(With information from AFP and EFE)