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The risk level in Ecuador is already below 1,500 points  Economy |  News

The risk level in Ecuador is already below 1,500 points Economy | News

With the budget prototype already presented in the National Assembly and the government announcing the introduction of a value-added tax with an increase to 15%, country risks in Ecuador have reached their lowest levels during the three months in office, by Daniel Noboa.

The Central Bank of Ecuador recorded that this index, which measures international markets’ perception of the state’s ability to comply with its obligations, reached 1,498 points on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

The Qatari risk, which started this year at 2,055 points, witnessed a decline, especially in February.

The better scenario was also evident this week when investment bank Morgan Stanley reversed its “averse” stance on Ecuadorian bonds.

His argument for this change in position is that the Ecuadorian government has made more progress than expected, but he warns that a default in the next two years remains a risk, according to a publication issued by the publishing house. Investment.com From London, citing the International Agency Reuters.

Newly announced measures, such as a value-added tax increase, would make it easier for Ecuador to obtain a new program from the International Monetary Fund, analysts at the investment bank said, adding that the authorities would not do so. You want to fall into it shortening When the elections arrive in early 2025.

Although they do not see “sufficient reasons to go directly to an interest position,” they added in a note explaining their view of Ecuador’s bonds. The bonds are currently at half their face value despite the recent rise. (Yo)